What’s So Great About Digital Music

CDs and DVDs are still great. They are the original digital music formats. But because the Internet is now so widely available via PCs and phones, as well as other devices, it is becoming easier and easier to listen to music through the computer, phone or device, rather than from a separate disc.

Because the sound files that contain the music can be easily purchased, stored and sent between different locations, computers, handsets and consoles, it’s making listening to music more and more convenient and enjoyable.

Digital music has always been great. Here’s the low down on why it’s getting better and better.

There are loads of great places to hear and buy digital music legally.

Britain has the world’s biggest choice of legal online music services — almost 80 and growing all the time — offering a fantastic range of tracks, albums and videos at great prices. You are likely to find more ways to buy music legally than you would on the high street. We’ve put together a catalogue of these services.

There is a massive range of music available to hear and buy.

Most record companies now licence most of their catalogues to legal digital music services. A typical online music store can offer anything up to 8 million tracks for purchase whilst some of the larger stores offer 20 million tracks. That’s way more than you could listen to in a lifetime, and certainly more than you’ll find in any high street shop. All of this music is available to listen to and to buy online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is incredibly easy to find the music you want.

Just type the name of the artist or song in the legal digital music service you’re using. In most cases, you’ll find the entire catalogue of songs and albums — everything your favourite musicians have ever recorded! You may also be surprised to find rarities, special versions and limited editions.

It is brilliant for discovering new music.

Legal digital music services are fantastic for finding and enjoying music you haven’t heard before. Most services offer you everything an artist has recorded, and also make recommendations about other artists you might like to try. So whether it’s exploring new music by musicians you already know about, or checking out unknown musicians you have yet to hear, legal digital music services make the never-ending journey into sound easy and endlessly enjoyable.

Try before you buy.

You can usually listen to a short clip, typically about 30 seconds, before you commit to buying songs you’re interested in.

Only buy the tracks you want.

Albums are great, but sometimes you only want a particular song — not the entire album. Legal digital music services allow you to pick and choose only tracks that matter to you.