Public Service Broadcasting: The Race For Space

Public Service Broadcasting: The Race For Space Anyone who attempted to watch the recent eclipse and saw only slightly darker grey skies than usual will know that astronomy offers few guarantees.

But Public Service Broadcasting’s second album is one exercise in stargazing that you can rely on.

A conceptual record about the golden age of space exploration, as the USA and Soviet Union vied for galactic supremacy, The Race For Space combines archive samples with instrumental music that boldly goes wherever the mood takes it.

So the London-based duo, recently awarded funding by the BPI’s Music Export Growth Scheme, turn a tribute to the first human in space, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gargarin, into an urgently upbeat funk blast (Gargarin) while an exploration of space walks becomes a propulsive and oddly euphoric blast of indie-dance (E.V.A).

The Other Side, meanwhile perfectly captures the building tension and subsequent relief as Apollo 8 emerged from the dark side of the moon on the first manned spacecraft to travel outside of Earth’s orbit.

Such songs are hardly conventional pop standards but, whether you’re exploring the outer reaches of the solar system, your imagination or just East Grinstead on your daily commute, The Race For Space will provide a stellar soundtrack.
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