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We7 Premium

We7 is like having a Personal DJ, creating free, personalised radio stations that only play the music you love.

All you need to do is enter a single song, artist or genre to get started. From here the music you love keeps on coming - you get personalised radio stations full of songs that match this search.

So if you search a specific artist, you'll get their songs, with other similar ones thrown in. It's completely free, easy and personalised - and potentially never-ending.

If you register, you'll get unlimited access to play and create stations. You'll also get 50 free requests a month – which means you can choose a particular song or album you'd like to hear and listen to straight away.

And for a monthly subscription you can access over 8 million tracks online and on your mobile to listen whenever you like!

This service provides:

  • Computer
  • Unlimited Music

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